Coloured Contact Lenses by Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson

Monday, 24 November 2014
 Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson recently debuted her new range of cosmetic contact lenses. Marnie naturally has huge brown eyes, but admits to enjoying experimenting with her eye colour. "I wear contact lenses nearly all the time now so they have to feel and look 100% natural" she says.

Marnie has joined forces with My Cosmetic Lenses to create a stunning range of one-tone fashion lenses. The lenses are intended purely to alter or enhance eye colour and are non-prescription, so don’t do anything to affect sight.

My Cosmetic Lenses is only 6 months old but already seems very popular with a whole host of celebrity fans, including Holly Hagan from Geordie Shore and The Valley’s Lateysha Grace, Carley Belmonte and Natalee Harris. They design their lenses with a high water content, which allows you to wear them for up to 8 hours a day as they hydrate your eyes and stop irritation.

My Cosmetic Lenses focus on offering a range of colours that look natural and fit comfortably. They stock over 30 colours, including 5 from Marnie’s range: Pure Blue, Light Hazel, Misty Grey, Pure Violet and Sea Green.

Speaking about her lenses, Marnie says “It's so important for contact lenses to be comfortable and natural, I've tried loads of different ones that were all irritating, uncomfortable and expensive but MyCosmeticLenses are so different to the rest!". She adds, "I've been wearing contact lenses all throughout Geordie Shore, I don't even notice they're in anymore".

"People always compliment me on my eyes, the contact lenses are so natural nobody can tell. I love it!"

If, like me, you’re a fan of the show, you’ll have seen Marnie’s eye colour change a number of times in the same episode and I could never tell when she was wearing contacts and what her actual eye colour is!

The contact lenses are made to last up to a year, with proper care and cleaning. When you consider that the lenses are priced from £12.99 (with free postage!), this is amazing value and works out at just over £1 a month to give you a whole new look!

You can view all of the colours available over on 
You can also find Marnie’s range here:

Keep an eye out for an upcoming post to see me wearing some of Marnie's range!

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